Food Delivery

Now you can enjoy delicious food from Cosy Place by using LaLamove for your food delivery in Wangsa Maju and surrounding areas.

  1. Go to Cosy Place F&B Menu page
  2. Choose the food and beverage that you want and add it to Cart
  3. Key in your Name, contact details and specify pickup time on the Order Note Remarks and place your order.
  4. Our staff will call you to confirm the order details, payment method and Pick-Up time.
  5. Open your Lalamove* app
  6. Choose Motorbike as your choice of vehicle
  7. Type in Cosy Place Restaurant in the Pick Up Location. Make sure location is as shown in map below.
  8. Type in your address in the Drop Off Location that you want the food to be sent to
  9. Make sure it shows correctly on the map
  10. Specify the Pick up time in Lalamove
  11. Confirm the Pick up and Delivery with Lalamove
  12. Make sure Lalamove assign you a driver
  13. Check the details and confirm with your delivery person.
  14. Enjoy your meal

LaLamove Instructions:

  • For Mobile Phone, download LaLamove app from your app store.
  • For Desktop Computer: LaLamove website link here >
  • You will need to top-up LaLamove wallet similiar to Touch & Go
  • Lalamove charges a minimum of RM5 for a 5 Km radius. Additional 1Km is RM1 each. Based on non peak hours.