Best Food To Eat in Wangsa Maju

Chicken Chop and Coffee
Chicken Chop and Coffee

What is the best food to eat in Wangsa Maju? One of the top restaurant in Wangsa Maju for local Malaysian Chinese and Western food is Cosy Place restaurant located near Wangsa Walk, Section 5 Wangsa Maju.

Numerous customers have provided reviews on Google stating Cosy Place restaurant serves the best food in Wangsa Maju and is beautifully decorated in a European English country style.

Cosy Place’s most popular food :

  • Crispy Butter Prawn
  • Lamb Chop
  • Penang Char Kway Teow
  • Asam Pedas Nyoya with Seafood
  • Beef Ginger Kway Teow
  • Fried Chicken with Salted Egg 
  • Chicken Chop

Our food is best eaten together with family and friends. See you soon.